Sunday, July 29, 2012

Marriage Equality Cannot go Backwards Now

Out this week are the names and address of those who signed the “Anti-Gay Marriage Petition”. Before I saw these numbers I felt like we had a better chance than ever to be the first state to reject the opposition’s attempt to keep us suppressed as a community. WAKE UP NOW. We can still win this, but we only have 100 days left until voting day. This election will have a massive impact on all of our lives. If they opposition wins this vote it will take years to get back to the place we are right now. Think seriously about that. Each and every one of us, whether we are busy or not, needs to do something every single day to get our neighbors, family members and friends to vote with us. Find a group that is working to save the Civil Marriage Protection Act and get involved. This is no time to be nervous over never having done this kind of work before. Many groups such as PFLAG, Equality Maryland and Marylander’s for Marriage Equality (MFME) will train you and nurture you. If you do not want to interact with people face to face volunteer as support staff. MFME needs office help to do data entry. They will need many hours of this work every single day from now until November 6th. If you are good at personal interaction please consider applying those skills to phone banking or door knocking. I know from personal experience that some of you just do not like talking on the phone, but we need your help and we need it in large numbers. Remember this is a short term commitment and it will affect the lives of our entire community for a very long time, possibly for the rest of our lives. How can I motivate you to action? Some of you are in college and some of you have careers. You are busy, I know. Achieving and holding onto Marriage Equality is very major step in the work that LGBT rights activists have been working on since Dwight Eisenhower prohibited lesbians and gays from working in the federal government. It has taken since 1953 to get to this point. We can not go backwards now! What are you going to do about it?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Intersections: Sexuality, Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Morgan State University Women and Gender Studies Program and Bmore Proud

Academic Symposium

Intersections: Sexuality, Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Saturday, March 12, 2011, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

University Student Center Rooms 210 and 212

Morgan State University

1700 E. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, MD

Keynote Speaker: Antonia Randolph, Ph.D.

“Wayne Loves Baby and Other Queer Lessons from Hip-Hop: Notes toward a Race and Sexuality Research Agenda”

Dr. Antonia Randolph is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Delaware, with joint appointments in Black American Studies and Women’s Studies. She is a cultural sociologist whose research focuses on race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, popular culture (particularly hip-hop), and education. Her recent research has examined race, gender and masculine embodiment in rap music and how race affects teachers' perceptions of students and schools. Her book tentatively titled The Wrong Kind of Different: Race, Ethnicity and the Meaning of Diversity in American Schools is scheduled to be published by Teachers College Press in 2012.

Session Themes include:

Stereotypes and Marginalization

Reaching Women of Color—Resistance and Risk

Queer Cultural Studies

Drawing Connections—Teaching Sexuality, Gender and Race

Sexual Identities—Complex, Contextual, and Fluid

Queer Women, Marriage, and Religion

Plus a roundtable discussion on developing LGBT Studies Programs at our institutions


Matthew Bartolomei, West Chester University

Andrea Brown, Genevieve Carminati, Deborah Stearns, Montgomery College

Derwin Campbell, Dwayne Dubarry, Lorece Edwards, DrPH, Elizabeth Gunn, Ph.D., Shalon Irving, Ph.D., Morgan State University

Chiara Corso, Anna Loup, George Washington University

Robyn Epstein, Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

Beverly Greene, Ph.D., St. John’s University

Michele K. Lewis, Ph.D., Winston Salem State University

Judy Lombardi, Ph.D., Independent scholar

Laura Amber Arnetta McCrae, M.Div., Wesley Theological Seminary/Three Sisters Movement

Tera Mikula, Ph.D., Heather Rellihan, Ph.D., Carolin Woolson, Anne Arundel Community College

Leticia Romo, Ph.D., Towson University

Registration Form (please print, enclose check, and mail) Registration Deadline: March 1, 2011

Name _____________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________Phone _______________________________

Discipline/Department____________________________ _­__

Academic Institution_____ ___________________

Registration fee (includes continental breakfast and lunch):

__Faculty/Staff ($25)

__Graduate Student ($10)

__Undergraduate Student (free)

__Other (Specify) ($25): ______________________________________

Please check here if you would like a vegetarian meal ____

Enclosed is $_____

Please make checks payable to Morgan State University and send to:

Carolyn James, Administrative Assistant

Counseling Center, CGW 202

Morgan State University

1700 E. Cold Spring Lane

Baltimore, MD 21251

Parking: The University Student Center parking garage is accessible from E. Cold Spring Lane, just east of Hillen Road. Parking is $3 for the day in the University Parking Garage, which is attached to the University Student Center. Park on level 3 to enter the building on the same floor as the symposium. Pay for parking on site.

For more information, call Claudia Leight, (443)885-3130.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marriage Equality in Maryland

Many people in Maryland and across this country believe THIS is the year that a Marriage Equality Bill will pass in the Maryland legislature.

An anti-Equality group has already mobilized in our state. THEY ARE AFRAID that our legislature, which is more heavily Democratic than it has been in years, will pass a marriage bill this year. We in the LGBT community are more excited than ever before. We have momentum with us and it is growing.

PFLAG Baltimore County working cooperatively with Equality Maryland and a representative will present a discussion about Marriage Equality and the work that needs to be done in the next 90 days. Please come and listen. If you can help once or twice for an hour in the next few weeks (even in a minor way) you can be part of this CIVIL RIGHTS HISTORY.

Many Maryland voters, some from your district, have been part of “Lobby Day” in Annapolis for the past few years. We meet with our delegates and senators in a group from our district to discuss our support for LGBT civil equality. We need your help if you have done this before and we need your help even if all you do is come with us to help fill the room. If this is your first time you do not need to speak unless you want to. We need to fill our delegate’s offices with supporters.

I would like to personally and publically thank everyone who has been a part of this effort in the past and invite you to join us this year. This is urgent and more important than ever.

The PFLAG meeting will be held at Towson Unitarian Universalist Church on January 25 at 7pm, & Lobby Day will be held in Annapolis on February 14th.

Contact me if you have any questions: Mark Patro 443.255.1484
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Candle Light Vigil tonight at 8pm McDaniel College Westminster

Join us tonight on the campus of McDaniel College in Westminster in the square near the Library at 8pm to remember the numerous LGBT teen who took their own lives as a result of bullying.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

B'More Aware of HIV... the LIVING RED RIBBON, Saturday, October 9, 2010

B'More Aware of HIV... the LIVING RED RIBBON, Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oct 9th 2010 Rash Field

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Six Warning Signs that your Child is Being Bullied

The following is a guest post by Ted Zeff, Ph.D.

Approximately 160,000 children miss school every day in the United States for fear of being bullied; more than 50 suicides have been linked to prolonged bullying; and approximately 85% of school shootings have revenge against bullies as a major motive. School-related bullying has led to depression and poor school performance in many children. The costs of bullying are high, but, unfortunately, many children suffer alone, keeping their bullying experiences to themselves.

Many children are taught that it is a sign of weakness to ask for help, and frequently fail to tell anyone when they are being bullied for fear of appearing weak. Many children feel shame and assume, “Something must be wrong with me. Why else would they target me?”

Children who are bullied are at risk for developing a number of emotional difficulties, including depression and anxiety symptoms. Children who are particularly traumatized may go on to develop a specific type of anxiety disorder called, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is usually brought on by a terrifying physical or emotional event or series of events. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include trouble sleeping, withdrawal from normal activities, a lack of concentration, and emotional numbness. When children are suffering from PTSD, they are prone to develop strong physical symptoms in situations where they feel unsafe and in danger. They appear disconnected from others, and they experience an intense physical response from their nervous system that involves angry outbursts, jumpiness, and hyper alertness. This reaction is the nervous system’s response to potential danger, whether real or imagined, creating constriction, disassociation, and helplessness in order to protect the body.

When children experience trauma, they often become frozen and exhibit feelings of helplessness and shame, rendering them nearly unable to defend themselves when attacked or put under pressure. These traumatized children then bring this frozen state of helplessness to many other situations that they perceive as threatening throughout their lives. And, the more withdrawn these children become, the more fearful and helpless they feel, the stronger the likelihood that they will slip into serious emotional trouble.

Parents need to be aware of the warning signs when their children may be experiencing depression, severe anxiety, or PTSD due to bullying. The following is a list of red flags to look for:
• Is your child disconnecting from people and isolating him/herself in their room? Although teens usually separate from the family, they normally connect more often with their friends.
• Has your child developed physical problems such as stomachaches and headaches that interfere with their life?
• Has your child’s schoolwork recently suffered, and is it difficult for your child to concentrate?
• Does your child have trouble falling or staying asleep or experience frequent nightmares?
• Does your child seem listless, unenthusiastic, and disinterested in life?
• Have you noticed that your child seems hypervigilant, extremely nervous, depressed, or emotionally explosive (beyond the normal teenage angst and moodiness)?

If you suspect that your child is suffering from any of the above symptoms that is interfering with their life and you have not been able to help alleviate their suffering, you should consider having your child evaluated by a licensed psychologist, licensed marriage and family counselor, or licensed social worker. If you can’t afford to pay for private therapy sessions, virtually all cities have low-cost therapy clinics (check with your city or county department of mental health).

Dr. Ted Zeff is the author of The Strong, Sensitive Boy
For more information please visit
or the book link:

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Understanding Gender Identity and Transgender People

This presentation will explain gender identity and the complex issues that arise when a person expresses their gender in ways that is in conflict with their birth sex or decides to undergo a gender transition. Also being discussed will be the issues relating to the parenting of a transgender child and recommendations on how to deal with institutions that wish to force gender stereotypes onto a non-gender conforming child.

Presenters: Mara Drummond and Catherine Hyde, Will Hyde and Juli A. Buchanan, Psy.D.

Mara Drummond will speak on the concepts of gender identity, how it is different from sexual orientation and gender; the transgender spectrum and the sub categories of transgender; what makes someone transgender vs someone who on occasion likes to present as girl or guy; why people want to transition; the transition process; health issues that affect transgender people; insurance; social issues; post transition issues; etc.

Catherine Hyde will talk about being the parent of a transgender child and the issues that she sees as being pertinent as a parent such as school issues, medical issues, counseling issues, general parenting issues, or whatever issues she feels are most pertinent as a parent of a transgender child. I wanted her to have this opportunity to talk about what she sees as the issues of being a parent of a transgender child as PFLAG is a group for parents and friends of LGBT people. Hence they may need to hear a perspective different from mine.

There will be an interactive question and answer session in which anyone from the audience can pose a question to the panel, either to a specific person or to the panel in general.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

7pm to 9pm

Towson Unitarian Universalist Church
1710 Dulaney Valley Road
Lutherville, MD

Please contact PFLAG Baltimore County with any questions

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